How to use a Microsoft Kinect in a small room

If you’re one of the many people who would love to own a Microsoft Kinect and go nuts jumping and diving around, but sadly don’t have the space in your room to play, then Nyko have come up with the perfect solution for you; the Nyko Kinect Zoom Lens.

Nyko Kinect Zoom Lens

Having listen to the cries of frustration of people who want to play with the Kinect, or who have bought one, but feel cramped inside their living or bedrooms, Nyko have created the perfect solution with the Kinect Zoom. The lens, which fits to the front of the Kinect, reduces the required space need to play on the kinect with its custom designed wide angled lens. The zoom lens allows you to play much closer to the TV, gaining precious feet, which you might not have in a smaller room.

Use the Kinect in a small room

So if you’re one of those people who dont’ have enough space to play the kinect, this is the perfect product for you. Don’t forget we have a wide range of kinect accessories including a kinect adapter which allows you to use the kinect on an old xbox and very useful Kinect TV Mounts too!