Best Nintendo 3DS Cases – Video Review

Now that the Nintendo 3DS has been officially launched, we have been able to test it with each of the launch cases thoroughly to see which ones perform the best, and hopefully help point you in the right direction. In our video review, we have looked at the most popular and best performing 3DS cases that are available, from the form fitting 3DS Silicone Case to the might 3DS Expedition Case. Each 3DS case has a quick review in the video, showing the benefits of each one as well as our favourites.

As you can see, each Nintendo 3DS case has it’s own plus points but our favourite cases are the hard case in the Explorer Starter Kit and the MicroSuede Wallet, both of which have been incredibly popular. Unfortunately the CM4 cases have been delayed slightly but we will be doing a video review on them as soon as they come in!

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