Best Nintendo 3DS Cases – The Top 10!

With the release of the Nintendo 3DS tomorrow (less than 24 hours away now!), getting the right type of case is vital. The “best” case may be different from person to person, but there are definitely a few that stand out from each category. Whether it is a hard protective case, a soft wallet or an all-in-one starter kit you are after there is bound to be something for you.

Nintendo 3DS Expedition Case

The Nintendo 3DS Expedition Case, as the name implies, is designed to protect the Nintendo 3DS on any type of journey that you would take it on. The outside of the case is designed with a thick 3D effect rubberized shell. Not only does this give a distinctive visual effect and feel to the case, it also helps in absorbing knocks and impacts to protect your Nintendo 3DS. With extra cushioning and padding on the interior of the case, your Nintendo 3DS console is kept safe and damage free on your travels. Capable of holding 6 games and 2 spare 3DS stylus, the Expedition case is perfect for any short journey where protection in a small form is vital. Available in both Blue and Grey designs.


Nintendo 3DS Explorer Starter Kit

The 3DS Explorer Starter Kit was build with the intention of having everything you need to keep you gaming wherever you go. Included in the kit is a huge range of high quality accessories for a great price. The 3DS case included is a hard shell case designed to give optimal impact protection over a standard soft case. The case also comes with a soft cushioned interior to protect your Nintendo 3DS from scratches as well as compartments to hold your games. Also included in the kit is a Car Charger, a pair of in-ear headphones, 2 replacement 3DS Styluses, a cleaning cloth and 3DS Screen Protectors. The headphones give you great audio whilst on the move, whilst the screen cleaning cloth and screen protectors ensure that your screens will be mark and scratch free. If you are after a premium all-in-one kit, the Explorer Starter Kit is one of the best choices available giving you all round protection as well as the key accessories that you will need for your Nintendo 3DS. Available in Black and Grey.


Nintendo 3DS Executive Case

The Nintendo 3DS Executive Case is the ideal case for anyone looking for a more subtle, high quality case in a slimline design. Made with a leather-style finish, the Executive Case comes in classic black and stands out from the brightly coloured plastic and rubber cases that populate most of the 3DS case market. Designed to protect your 3DS from scratches and knocks, the Nintendo 3DS Executive Case features compartments to store 2 games and a stylus as well as great build quality and attention to detail which really shines through. The interior of the case is lined with a soft microfibre material which is designed to keep your Nintendo 3DS console scratch free as well as protecting the exterior cameras on the console. Great for anyone looking for a more mature style case, the Nintendo 3DS Executive Case has been one of the best selling slimline protection solutions for good reason.


Nintendo 3DS Mini Elite Transporter

The case that is designed to fit somewhere between a standard 3DS case and something like the 3DS Pull n Go Storage Folio, the Mini Elite Transporter is designed to keep your 3DS and essential accessories together in one tidy package. Packed with compartments to hold all of your accessories, the Mini Elite Transporter Case can store a large amount of accessories in a deceptively small space. Made from a durable nylon material, the Mini Elite Transporter 3DS Case is built to last an extremely long time against daily wear and tear. The case offers resistance against knocks and bumps, keeping it protected whilst allowing storage for up to a huge 12 extra games. Not only that, this Nintendo 3DS Case has additional Zip Storage compartments for all of your essential accessories. One of the most spacious 3DS cases around in this size, the Mini Elite Transporter Case can carry everything you need to keep playing. The Mini Elite Transporter Case is available in Black and Blue.



Nintendo 3DS Pull n Go Storage Folio

One of the most comprehensive 3DS cases available at the moment, the Pull n Go Storage Folio is the ultimate storage solution for your Nintendo 3DS both at home and when you are travelling. The 3DS Pull n Go Storage Folio is actually 2 Nintendo 3DS Cases in one. The folio features a unique removable protective system pocket, which holds your Nintendo 3DS, 2 games and a stylus. Since this can be removed and used separately, it can essentially act as a standalone carry case without the whole folio. The rest of the case features slots for a massive 27 game cards, making it an ideal storage solution for all of your Nintendo 3DS games. It can also hold a stylus as well as having a mesh pocket for your Nintendo 3DS charger, something not many cases accommodate for. Overall, the Pull n Go Storage Folio for Nintendo 3DS is one of the best 3DS cases available.


Nintendo 3DS MicroSuede Wallet

Working along the same train of thought as the Executive Case, the MicroSuede Wallet is designed as a higher class of 3DS Case. The MicroSuede Wallet is made from a soft touch material, making it more comfortable to hold and giving it a different finish to the standard rubber and plastic cases available at the moment. With a simple button clip mechanism to hold the 3DS securely in place, the wallet allows quick and easy access to your Nintendo 3DS console at all times as well as having dedicated compartments for storing your games. The soft interior lining protects your console from scratches, with the reinforced suede exterior protecting against knocks and bumps. Simple in design but with plenty of attention to detail, the MicroSuede Wallet is the ideal 3DS case for anyone after a classic styled slimline case. The MicroSuede Wallet is available in Black and Blue.


Nintendo 3DS Hard Pouch

Perfect for anyone wanting simple, solid protection for their Nintendo 3DS, the 3DS Hard Pouch offers premium protection for your console. The Hard Pouch is made by Hori, one of the leading manufacturers of 3DS accessories well known for their high quality products bearing the Nintendo seal of approval. Made from extremely durable material, the 3DS Hard Pouch is designed to give you the best protection possible in the smallest possible form. The tough outer shell provides long lasting protection against knocks and impact resistance, with a heavily cushioned interior for maximum protection. On the inside of the case, there are separate compartments to store up to 3 3DS games securely as well as a stitched compartment to hold a stylus separately. For optimal protection during transport in a small case, the 3DS Hard Pouch is difficult to beat. The Hard Pouch is available in Black and Blue.


Pokemon Black & White Universal DS Case

The Pokemon Black & White Universal DS Hard Case offers impressive protection and storage space in a unique design, perfect for any Pokemon fan. Made as a Universal DS case, it can actually support all of the different versions of the DS console and still hold them securely thanks to an innovative insert inside the case. With the outer hard case providing impact protection and the shock absorbing interior holding the DS in place, the Pokemon Black & White DS Case provides great protection with an eye catching Pokemon theme based on the newest game. Also included in the pack is a large stylus for extra comfort which can be stored in the designated stylus holder compartment inside the case. The case can also holds up to 6 games securely as well as another spare stylus, with a convenient clip mechanism to hold the case closed when not in use. With excellent protection and storage capabilities, this case offers a lot more than the Pokemon branding may lead you to believe.


CM4 Catalyst Slim Nintendo 3DS Cover

One of the most premium Nintendo 3DS covers on the market at the moment, the CM4 Catalyst Slim cover offers a unique approach to 3DS protection. Built on an aluminium frame, the 3DS cover provides ultra slim protection for your Nintendo 3DS. The form fitting cover fits tightly on to the 3DS console, but lets you have full access to all of the controls and functions at all times. This means that you can keep the cover on the console to protect it from scratches and knocks at all times, even when in use. The strong aluminium frame is wrapped in a soft material, making it more comfortable to hold as well as giving the Nintendo 3DS a distinctive look. Offering great protection and build quality in an ultra thin design, the Catalyst Slim Cover is ideal for anyone wanting to keep their console protected when in use but without having a thick crystal case on their Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo 3DS Luxury Compact Pouch

The Luxury Compact Pouch is a great soft pouch for anyone that doesn’t want a harsh plastic case around their 3DS but still wants plenty of protection on the move. With a large amount of padding for the console, the Luxury Compact Pouch is like surrounding your 3DS with a pillow. Made from high quality materials to provide plenty of cushioning and with a detailed, textured material on the front and back to provide extra durability as well as an eye catching design, the Luxury Compact Pouch is currently the most popular out of all the soft cases available at the moment. Inside the case, there are 3 individual compartments and a stylus storage area similar in design to the Nintendo 3DS Hard Pouch as they are both made by Hori. Compatible with the Nintendo DSi as well as the 3DS as they share very similar dimensions, the Nintendo 3DS Luxury Pouch is the ideal choice for anyone wanting a bit more luxury in their choice of 3DS case. The luxury pouch is available in both black and white.